Buddhist Oriented Psycho-Therapeutic-Counseling

Buddhist oriented psycho-therapeutic-counseling is the integration of the ancient Eastern psychological tradition of Buddhist mindfulness, meditation, compassion and forgiveness teachings with modern Western psychological tradition of analyzing and investigating one’s developmental conditioning. This perspective allows for the possibility of trans-personal influences on ones current life’s experience and encourages an engaged psychological and spiritual solution.

  • Individuals – Bands – Couples – Families – Groups
  • Relational difficulities / communication breakdowns
  • Grief – Depression – Anxiety
  • Addiction and Recovery related issues.
  • Spiritual Dilemas – or simply the desire to deepen your own self-knowledge and spiritual awareness.

I am trained in the western psychological tradition of individual, couples and family therapy. In 2003, I graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. In 2006, having completed a four-year Buddhist teacher training, I received Transmission and Empowerment to teach Buddhism from Jack Kornfield in the Lineage of the Elders.

I am the author of Dharma Punx, a memoir (2003 Harper SF) and Against The Stream, a Buddhist field guide for spiritual revolutionaries (2007 Harper SF). I lead workshops and retreats internationally and teach Buddhist meditation groups locally.

I believe it is necessary to integrate mindfulness meditation into ones life in order to fully benefit from the awareness that arises in counseling.

Your process may be brief (several sessions to deal with a specific, short-term problem), or it may be a more extended process dealing with complicated and/ or entrenched patterns, beliefs and / or behaviors that interfere with how you want to live your life.

The goals, topics, and length of counseling are up to you, though I will make recommendations based on my experience and knowledge. Buddhist oriented
psycho-therapeutic-counseling generally consists of regular weekly appointments.

Offices located in Santa Monica and Hollywood, California.
Or sessions can be done by phone.
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